[HNW] Printing, etc.

Juliann juliann at juliann.net
Thu Aug 30 10:05:16 PDT 2007

I'm sorry to have this as my first post to this list, but I'm afraid  
I am not understanding why getting something printed/done up for a  
small run for people within the SCA has turned into setting up a  
small publishing company and all of its legalities etc?  Is there  
something inherently undesirable about using Lulu.com for printing,  
distribution, ISBN, etc?  It has really changed the print-on-demand  
industry for people who just want to "put something out there"  
without being a vanity press (no author contributions are required  
towards printing costs, although you do have to pay for an ISBN and  
any optional extra services you may desire).

I can see that if one *wants* to set up a small publishing house that  
is one thing, but if this discussion arose as I think it did over the  
ISBN issue there are certainly other ways around that...Lulu isn't  
alone any more but it comes highly recommended by a number of people  
I know including some who work in book publishing.


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