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So to be  honest, hobby publishing isn't something I relate to. I figure 
that you  either do your personal best, or you don't publish at all. 
Obviously, some  other people's mileage varies; and if you don't really 
care about the  quality, distribution, or profits of what you produce, 
then yes,  professional advice is unnecessary.

OK, that's enough, thank you, of this  holier-than-thou attitude.  You are 
obviously a brilliant  writer/publisher/merchant/whatever, Fran.  You've made 
that very clear many  times on this list.  I do not usually step in and say this 
sort of thing,  but I am watching others being slapped down which is just not 
I am sure that there are now plenty of  messages in the list's archives on 
this subject so that we need not address it  any further.  

Nancy  Spies
Arelate Studio

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