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Could the list manager please step in and do  something about the messages 
that this Fran person from LaVolta Press continues  to post to the list?  A 
direct request to her to please stop has been  completely ignored, and there are 
folks on the list who are fed up and thinking  of leaving the list.  Thank you.


So to  be honest, hobby publishing isn't something I relate to. I figure 
that  you either do your personal best, or you don't publish at all.  
Obviously, some other people's mileage varies; and if you don't really  
care about the quality, distribution, or profits of what you produce,  
then yes, professional advice is unnecessary.

OK, that's enough, thank you, of this  holier-than-thou attitude.  You are 
obviously a brilliant  writer/publisher/merchant/whatever, Fran.  You've made 
that very clear  many times on this list.  I do not usually step in and say this 
sort of  thing, but I am watching others being slapped down which is just not 
I am sure that there are now plenty of  messages in the list's archives on 
this subject so that we need not address it  any further.  

Nancy  Spies
Arelate Studio


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