[HNW] Re- Re: Fwd: 15997 Sibmacher

Mo!Langdon maureen at pacbell.net
Fri Aug 31 21:33:54 PDT 2007

>Could the list manager please step in and do 
>something about the messages that this Fran 
>person from LaVolta Press continues to post to 
>the list?  A direct request to her to please 
>stop has been completely ignored, and there are 
>folks on the list who are fed up and thinking of 
>leaving the list.  Thank you.

Could not, perhaps, those folk who are "fed up" 
direct messages they don't want to see to the 
trash? Why leave a perfectly good list because of 
something that is in one's own purview to manage?


Mo! <- a list newbie who is *not* "scared off" by 
topics that do not seem to have been forbidden 
yet by the ListMom
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