[HNW] Fwd: 15997 Sibmacher

Lavolta Press fran at lavoltapress.com
Fri Aug 31 22:38:20 PDT 2007

Why should everyone else be able to post on the topic--which people 
actively are--and not me?  You have not requested that other people 
continuing the discussion stop.

There are other publishers on the list who also publish books on 
needlework and costuming, as I do. I believe I have been able to give 
some valuable advice on saving money on printing, protection of 
copyrights, and making money by selling to larger markets.

I can understand that you may not be interested in publishing topics. I 
will not object if you delete my messages, and those of the other people 
posting.  I think this is a more reasonable approach than ordering me 
alone to drop the topic.

Apparently, as you have referred to me as "this Fran person," you 
dislike me.  That does not especially matter to me, but it is not 
reasonable to try to use an email list to exercise your personal dislikes.

Frances Grimble
Lavolta Press

SNSpies at aol.com wrote:

> Could the list manager please step in and do something about the 
> messages that this Fran person from LaVolta Press continues to post to 
> the list?  A direct request to her to please stop has been completely 
> ignored, and there are folks on the list who are fed up and thinking of 
> leaving the list.  Thank you.
> Nancy
> /h-needlework-ansteorra.org

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