[HNW] help with nightcap

Kimberly J. McGarghan kmcgarghan at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 8 17:36:41 PST 2007

Test from page link I just sent to Julie. I did not know how to contact the
lady, so I retained her intellectual content, etc., codicil.

"[snips] Men's Nightcap   Made by THLady Katerina da Brescia.

Cleveland Museum of Art
 Figure 4: This is from the Carew Pole Collection and is published in Blackwork.
It has green silk design of curling feathers. The far right part of the cap
shows spangles sewn on it. This nightcap is unfinished, showing how the pattern
is oncstructed. The 'cuff' at the bottom shows that the pattern is embroidered
on the 'back side' of the material. The material is identified as linen."

"All intellectual content, photos and layout are copyright to La Signora Onorata
Katerina da Brescia (K Carlisle), except those original renaissance artworks and
extant articles whose copyright remains with the current owner.
If you would like to use something from this site, please contact me, and cite
this website reference.


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