[HNW] color image of green feather emb

Wanda Pease wandap at hevanet.com
Sun Feb 11 10:03:17 PST 2007

Snip> The design looks like curling feathers.
> >I have a B&W photo in my Gostelow book but I really want to have the
> >color version.>>
> Well, I always like a good searching challenge....
> It is possible the image you may remember having seen
> was a reproduction piece on the Extreme Costuming page.
> Here is the direct link:
> http://www.extremecostuming.com/reproductions/thecarewpolenightcap.html
> Enjoy!
> Lisa Tyson

Oh my!  This could almost make me take up blackwork it is so lovely.  One
question for anyone who has ever made one of these and used or had the
giftee wear it to bed.  How well did it stay on?  I know I toss and turn at
night.  Possibly I wouldn't if I were sleeping on a feather tick that would
tend to make a hole and keep me in it.  I just know that now anything I put
on my head at night is not there when I wake up.

Regina Romsey

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