[HNW] color image of green feather emb

Lisa Tyson Lisa_Tyson at umit.maine.edu
Sun Feb 11 18:44:59 PST 2007

Siren Song <sirensong13 at yahoo.com> writes

> The "loose spangles in gold and silver" are those sequins? 
> or something like them? 
> Siobhan

I'm sure the embroideress who created that lovely 
nightcap would be happy to provide definite answers
to our questions if someone were to write to her. 

My best guess is that she didn't use plastic type sequins
but instead used real gold & silver "spangles", which 
are sometimes called paillettes. You can see an example
of these at the Kreinik website here:  (various sizes)


They are usually attached with 3 or 4 stitches of a similar
color thread (light yellow on gold spangle or white on silver

I would be very surprised for anyone to have put this amount
of work into a piece to have selected a plastic type sequin
instead of a real precious metal spangle. 

For what it's worth, I rarely see any real gold ever scan
well digitally -- so the images of those spangles are going
to appear rather dull. They should be nice and shiny. 

Lisa Tyson

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