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Before going to the V&A, check to see if their textiles/embroidery study room 
is open. A few months back I heard from folks who'd gone that the study room 
was closed when they were there. The Museum of London is pretty fantastic, 
just like the MoL books they publish. The British Museum and the British Library 
are easily a 2 day visit, and are amazing. The Embroiderer's   Guild has it's 
own museum a few miles outside London and would be worth a trip. Every month 
they have soemething called "Collection Day" in which they allow the public to 
examine/view embroideries in their collection. Anyone can request to see 
anything. When we were there three years ago we were able to examine about a dozen 
late 16th-early 17th century coifs, three 17th century samplers, a pair of 
embrodered gloves, and a 16th century blackwork coif. If you go to their web site 
it will have the Collection Days posted. I'd highly, highy recommend it if 
the timing works out. The EG has a very good bookstore, too. :)

Cluny Museum and Notre Dame come immediately to mind. I also had a great time 
wandering the streets in the Left Bank and found a wonderful needlework shop 
there (if you're interested I'll try to find the info for it). If you can go 
to Lyon, the Musee de Tissues is worth it. The Charles du Blois pourpoint is on 
display, as is the St. Martin Embroideries and other embroideries. I *think* 
that they allow the public to visit the conservation room on Mondays; I'd 
check on that if you're interested. 

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