[HNW] Apparently not the only nagging head

Karen karen_larsdatter at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 1 07:21:34 PDT 2007

Fionna/Cassandra asked:

> Is wool used in the klosterstitch?

All of the klosterstich hangings I'm familiar with are in wool.  There's some links to some of 'em in the webbed version of my class handout on klosterstickerei, at http://www.larsdatter.com/kloster.htm

Dunno if they have been brought up recently, but the Renaissance Dyeing (http://www.renaissancedyeing.com) in the UK has a good line of wools as well -- this was the variety used for the "continuation" of the Bayeux Tapestry a few years ago.  They've even got a group of colors that are specifically based on Elizabethan-era dyestuffs.  The Renaissance Dyeing wools are available from a few places in the U.S., including Hedgehog Handworks (http://www.hedgehoghandworks.com).


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