[HNW] Oxburgh snails

FaCS littlefallsteacher at frontiernet.net
Thu Jun 14 16:29:21 PDT 2007

Susan B. Farmer wrote:
> Quoting FaCS <littlefallsteacher at frontiernet.net>:
>> There are about 6 pages of them in  The Victoria & Albert Museum's
>> Textile Collection" Embroidery in Britain from 1200 to 1750, There are
>> several in Elizabethan Embroidery by Digby, and I think I remember a
>> couple in Schuette's Pictorial History of Embroidery.
> I wish I had Digby to check.  I've looked in the others.  Thanks, though!

Digby's pictures scan better than the ones in Schette, but not really 
very well.  I keep trying to figure out a way to use a film camera to 
take good pictures of both, but I don't have a camera that will take 
really good closeups.  Most cameras just aren't set to take something 
under 3 feet, and no one seems to have a SLR with a closeup lens.

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