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Quoting Kathryn Newell <cknewell at earthlink.net>:

> Dear List:
> The only book with Oxburgh patterns which Nancy/Ingvild didn't mention was:
> "Traditional Embroidered Animals" by Sarah Don,  David & Charles, UK
> (various cities mentinoed), c.1990  ISBN 0-7153-8967-X

Thank you so much!  I just might have to get slides from the V&A of  
the hangings.  Swain only has B/W photos of them.

> Some pages torn from back issues of that short-lived publication
> "ThreadNeedle Street".

Thanks for that tip.  I just got the charter issue and the first 4  
issues from eBay.

> Photocopy of an article by John Nevinson, "An Elizabethan Herbarium:
> Embroideries by Bess of Hartwick after the Woodcuts of Mattioli".  It
> appears to be from "The  National Trust Year Book" for the years 1975-76.
> This is an interesting (though short) article which explains the sources for
> some of the Oxburgh and other Marian motifs. A most strikign example is
> shown of "The Onion", with the Mattioli woodcut (1572) next to a b&w photo
> of the corresponding Oxburgh motif. Most of this article is text, with
> listings of which of the Oxburgh motifs correspond to which Mattioli
> woodcuts.

I'm going to see if I can get this one!

Thanks again!

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