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While typing up the message which had my materials re the Oxburgh 
embroideries, I was reminded of something. The reason that I was able to 
track down an article by John Nevinson on the similarity of some of the 
Oxburgh motifs and some woodcuts by a 16th century printmaker was due to an 
article. COSTUME, the journal of the British Costume Society, had an article 
in Issue #18 (1984), on the occaison of Mr. Nevinson's 80th birthday. It 
includes a complete bibliography of his articles, compiled by Santina Levey, 
many of which were on needlework and costume. I've culled the embroidery 
articles from this so you can have the fun of hunting them up. Enjoy!


SCA:  Kathryn Goodwyn

"too many centuries...too little time"


"English Embroidered Costume: Elizabeth and James I, parts I and II, in The 
Connoisseur, XCVII (1936), pp. 23-29 and 140-44, 12 and 8 illus.

"Late Sixteenth-Century Applique Work in Scotland", in The Burlington 
Magazine, LXXVIII (1936) pp.170-176, 2 plates, 3 figs

"Peter Stent and John Overton, Publishers of Embroidery Designs," in Apollo, 
XXIV (1936) pp.279-83, 9 illus.

"Needlework in the Home in the Times of Queen Elizabeth and James I, in 
Embroidery, IV (1936), pp.77-81, 4 plates, 3 figs.

"Unrecorded types of English Embroidery of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth 
Centuries, H.M.S.O., Victoria and Albert Museum (1938), pp.xxviii + 107, 72 
plates. Reissued without revision but plus an Appendix of Acquisitions 
1938-48 (1950).

"The Embroidered Miniature Portraits of Charles I," in Apollo, LXXXII 
(1965), pp.310-13, 6 illus.

"English Domestic Embroidery Patterns of the 16th and 17th Centuries", in 
The Walpole Society Annual, XXVIII (1939-40), pp.1-13, 8 plates, 3 figs.

"A Piece of Novgorod embroidery of the fifteenth century", in Embroidery, 18 
No.2 (1967), pp.58-59, 1 illus.

"The Embroidery Patterns of Thomas Trevelyon," in Walpole Society Annual, 
XLI (1968), pp.38, 36 plates, table

"Stitched for Bess of Hardwick: Embroideries at Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire", 
in Country Life, CLIV (1973), pp. 1756-61, 12 illus.

"Embroidered by Queen and Countess", in Country Life, CLIX (1976), 
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"An Elizabethan Herbarium: Embroideries by Bess of Hardwick after the 
Woodcuts of Mattioli", in National Trust Year Book (19675-76), pp.65-69, 4 

"John Nelham, Embroiderer," in Bulletin of the Needle and Bobbin Club, 65 
Nos. 1 and 2, New York

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