[HNW] whatever happened to this project?

Susan B. Farmer sfarmer at goldsword.com
Thu Jun 21 14:18:21 PDT 2007

Quoting skinner02 at sprynet.com:

>> I wants one.  Somebody I "know" has one -- can't remember if it's Lynn
>> Skinner of Jane of Stockton.
>> susan/ jerusha
> I don't have one <G>  I use one at the Folger when I'm there or at   
> the British Library.
> I have the Burlington Club article with plates from the Folger   
> original and another original.

I couldn't remember.  Maybe it was the fact that you'd fondled one  
that stuck in my head.

jerusha/ susan
Susan Farmer
sfarmer at goldsword.com
University of Tennessee
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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