[HNW] A Pictorial History of Embroidery

Katherine Stephenson maestraclare at charter.net
Wed Jun 27 06:36:31 PDT 2007

So, are you confirming that a new edition is being published?  If so, do we
have any idea when and where we can purchase it?  Sometimes specialty type
books can't be purchased through normal book stores?


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Color will jack up the price, but since I have a 1st Edition, I'd love to
see the second with color.  I wish they would also put out the giant 2
volume set even without color!  There are just so many things that were
bombed/burned out of existance since it was published in 1928.

For those who think that xeroxes of books would cut down on a publisher's
profits let me assure you that every one that I've given a copy to is now
waiting eagerly for a paper edition!


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