[HNW] A Pictorial History of Embroidery

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I should add, while I'm at it, that whether the friends you stole copies 
to give to say they intend to buy the book now that it's being 
reprinted--somehow I manage to have a library of several thousand books 
on costuming without having stolen any of them, BTW--has absolutely no 
bearing on whether copyright theft damages the publishing industry as a 
whole. I've worked in the publishing industry for over 23 years.  I 
dount you have.  It does.


Wanda Pease wrote:

> No, I'm not confirming anything.  I'm dreaming and answering the snide that
> someone on one of the other costuming lists comes up with whenever one of us
> mentions Xerox copies or making books available via CD and scanner.  The
> Pictorial History book is still under copyright and will be for my lifetime
> and yours thanks to the Mickey Mouse laws that Disney Company bought from
> Congress.  The big 2 Volume set however will come out from copyright next
> year and then it is fair game in the US at least.  The only way to copy that
> sucker is going to be digital camera and a tripod.
> I have never made a copy of a book if I could buy the original.  I re-buy
> immediately if one becomes available at a price I can afford (Inventories of
> Henry VIII comes immediately to mind.  David Brown has it back on sale.  No
> pictures, but quite a bit of verbal description of needle worked items.
> Regina
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>>So, are you confirming that a new edition is being published?  If
>>so, do we
>>have any idea when and where we can purchase it?  Sometimes specialty type
>>books can't be purchased through normal book stores?
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