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Greetings all,

It was I that mentioned in the SCA Ansteorra Fiber Arts College that
Schuette had recently been reprinted.  It was the French version "La
Broderie", single volume, black and white.  I am looking at the reciept -
I had my sister who once was a French teacher order it for me. 
"www.alapage.com" on 24/01/2003 (in american that is January 24, 2003 - it
was her christmas present to me)  The invoice states 1 La Broderie.  I
just looked at the site, and I *think* it isn't available - just going by
color separations, can't read it at all, had to enter the name of the
author "Schuette" to get that far.


Just ran this through Bookfinder.com asking for "Marie Schuette" under
books written in French (remember to change that option from English).  It
is available NEW through alapage.com for just over $90 ($70 plus shipping
and handling of $20).  Can't figure out how to go further since it is all
in French, but I hope this helps those that like buying new books.

Of course, you don't have the 59 pages of text written in English.  For
that you may need to borrow from a friend who has the Pictorial History
version and debate with your own internal moral code about making copies
of the text.

Ever a Servant,

Lady Prudence the Curious

> Quoting Holly Compton <widowelspet at sbcglobal.net>:
>> I was at an SCA fiber arts event this weekend.  Someone told me that
>>  Schutte is coming back into print.
>>   I don't see anything on the web about it.  Anyone heard anything?
> Oh, my.  That would just be ...Oh, my!
> Wonder if we could get lucky enough to get more color pictures in it
> this time!
> susan
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