[HNW] From the Copyright Scold

Wanda Pease wandap at hevanet.com
Sat Jun 30 11:19:27 PDT 2007

I want the book.  I save my pennies.  I buy it on the used book market.  No
one except the retailer makes a dime from it.  The poor benighted author
never does get much unless they are publishing themselves.  The publisher
puts a deal of money into the book and takes the chance that the public will
buy it at whatever price they decide to put on it.  If, like the Soup for
the Qan book, the idiot publisher puts a price of $225 on a book (the
Authors have NEVER seen a dime from this book) very few books will be sold
except to libraries (if that) and the publisher grandly points to the sales
figures to show that no one is interested is such stuff.

Never-the-less it IS under copyright and I won't scan it without the
author's written permission, which they can give now that they have finally
gotten them back from the publisher.  However if a copy turns up on the used
book market I will definitely make it known, and Paul and Eugene have
already given the nod for that.  They aren't losing anything.

I am more than willing to scan my books printed in the 1800's (note that I
own these books in their original printing) to give to friends or those in
need.  Public Domain is where the lawmakers who originated Copyright
intended the work to end up, just like patents.  Not frozen until the heat
death of the Universe.

Thankfully, Microsoft and Google and Project Gutenberg are making this less
and less necessary.  Such a shame that the intense work done on subjects in
the late 20th century will continue to be the province of a very few.  The
one hope is the number of authors who have made their work accessible to
anyone who wants it by giving it a special use copyright and putting it on
the web.


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> Arguments aside.  If works are not in the public domaine, if you
> didn't write it or publish it, you have no right to copy it.

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