[HNW] Reference question

Lisa Tyson Lisa_Tyson at umit.maine.edu
Tue Nov 6 06:27:20 PST 2007

Regarding the virtues and vices, here is one place to look
at for inspiration if someone is willing to draft their own drawings


If you google Medieval Virtues as an image search you 
will pull up many images (mostly virtues). One of the selections
I saw were tarot cards which might make nice outlines
for quilting - some of the images could be modified into vices. 

Sometimes the virtues are depicted in a tree shape (mostly text
as part of nodes on branches). That could be easily modified
into a tree with images of people representing the virtue or

Without knowing what "style" of drawing desired it is difficult
to know what type of images would match the type of quilting
(applique images versus line outlines of drawings, for example). 

The person might have good luck if they selected line drawings.
Could make a reversible quilt and put a virtue tree on one side
and a vice tree on the other.

Lisa Tyson 

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