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Carol Thomas scbooks at mindspring.com
Tue Nov 6 06:51:01 PST 2007

I believe her plan is to outline the figures with running or back 
stitch, pairing each vice with a balancing virtue.  It sounds like a 
long but interesting project.

I'll pass along all the suggestions and know they will be appreciated.


At 09:27 AM 11/6/2007, you wrote:
>Regarding the virtues and vices, here is one place to look
>at for inspiration if someone is willing to draft their own drawings
>If you google Medieval Virtues as an image search you
>will pull up many images (mostly virtues). One of the selections
>I saw were tarot cards which might make nice outlines
>for quilting - some of the images could be modified into vices.
>Sometimes the virtues are depicted in a tree shape (mostly text
>as part of nodes on branches). That could be easily modified
>into a tree with images of people representing the virtue or
>Without knowing what "style" of drawing desired it is difficult
>to know what type of images would match the type of quilting
>(applique images versus line outlines of drawings, for example).
>The person might have good luck if they selected line drawings.
>Could make a reversible quilt and put a virtue tree on one side
>and a vice tree on the other.
>Lisa Tyson
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