[HNW] HNW gold thread embroidery

Deborah Fox richenda at roadrunner.com
Tue Nov 6 06:53:57 PST 2007

Yes, you can do satin stitch with gold thread.  You want very fine 
threads,( passing threads).   The times I have done it I have used 3 threads 
doubled over and waxed them until they are stiff.  Use a big enough needle 
to keep the fabric from damaging the threads and keep your thread length 
reasonable so they don't pass through the fabric too many times and it looks 
very nice.  I don't think it is any harder than any other gold thread 
technique.  I have only tried it with modern passing threads, not real gold 
ones, so I can't help you there.  And I'm not sure on the timeline either- 
I'm pretty sure it was done in the 17th century and possibly late 16th, but 
don't know from there on out.

Richenda, delurking

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> Hi,
> I have had a request of making a gentlemans waistcoat embroidered in real 
> gold thread. The pattern would be satin stich.
> I have never tryed to make satin stitch with gold thread so i would like 
> to ask if any here has tryed it. Is it difficult and is it very late?
> The gentleman wants the embroidery made on a silk rips.
> Bjarne

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