[HNW] gold thread embroidery

Satine De La Courcel ladysatinedelacourcel at hotmail.com
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I have used the Metalic gold thread DMC variety,  Tends to Fray badly no matter how you wax it .. The Krenik stuff is a bit better, I have had some luck with and can be machine washed.. 

I have also used some imitation gold metal threads  from Japanese embrodery center 


Does not take much to Kink it.   Be sure to get lots of practice before hand IMO it saved me for project I did for a friend.  Not sure how The Imitation or real gold woudl hold up for lots of Satin stitch.. I would be affraid of snaging too much....   they also have the Real gold metal thread that has  2% real gold in it that will tarnish over time and it can get pretty pricey pretty quickly... I am sure that will kink a lot as well it is a metal thread after all... 

But for the Metal theread emboidery Center they have the best prices for quantity I can find thus far... 

None of it is exceptionally difficult, only  very time consuming. 

that is my 2 cents.. 

good luck! 

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I have never used real gold thread but I have done a variety of stitches with the metalic gold thread.
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I have had a request of making a gentlemans 
waistcoat embroidered in real gold thread. The pattern would be satin 
I have never tryed to make satin stitch with gold 
thread so i would like to ask if any here has tryed it. Is it difficult and is 
it very late?
The gentleman wants the embroidery made on a silk 
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