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Tue Nov 6 13:48:01 PST 2007


Benton & Johnson sells passing thread that is a small percentage of real 
gold. I have some and it's fair. I've discovered that you need a very wide-eyed 
needle for gold embroidery (passing) work, so that the eye opens the ground 
threads enough for the gold to pass through smoothly. I've also discovered that 
any thread with "real" gold in it tends to catch on my ground fabric more than 
the jap gold I use for other things. It may be the brand of passing gold I 
happen to have, but there you go.   

I also have some very fine passing thread from Tinsel Trading in NYC. They 
have a web site but no catalog (www.tinseltrading.com) The passing thread I have 
is not gold, but it works very well and looks great.


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