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Holly Compton widowelspet at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 7 21:09:08 PST 2007

I took about 250 pictures of Altercloths.  The majority are of stitches.  Most are of the St Nicolas Cloth in the Kunstgewerbemuseum.  The lighting was horrible.  They have some of them off now.  It has faded considerably.  But once they are on the computer I can count the stitches, so I am pretty happy with them.  
  I also took 18 pages of notes by section and figure.  Noting colors and patterns.  So that will supplement the places that just would not photograph.  I should be able to graph out the entire thing.
  The ones at the Kestner and laying flat in display beds.  So you would have to get on a ladder to get the entire thing in the frame.  But I took about 50 pictures in sections of the Coronation of Mary.  It is also Silk and Linen in brick stitch.  The others I just got a few shots of since I am not planning to do any of those styles.  
  The German museums absolutely will not let you use a flash.  The ones I took at the V&A in April turned out much better.
  It was wonderful to see them both close up.  If you do cross stitch or needlepoint you know how the direction of the stitches show.  As the silk has faded it is more evident in the brick stitch. You can see tension differences in different sections. You can tell who worked in rows across and who did all of one color and them another.  I could just imagine the nuns complaining about the woman who sat in one corner.  
  I'll share everything when I finish the project. Until then it's all a big surprise.  But wait for it, because it's going to be very cool.  
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