[HNW] Pictures from Germany?

Racaire ego at racaire.at
Thu Nov 8 11:23:22 PST 2007

some museums say that flash damages the displayed fabric,... and in the 
most museums, I know, it is forbidden at all
...in my personal opinion making photos in the museum with flash is a 
kind of bad behavior - sorry, but that's my personal point of view and 
how I learned it
...btw - being allowed to make photos without flash is better than not 
be allowed to take any photos (MAK in Austria with beautiful 
embroidery,... allows no making of pictures at all)
Yis Racaire
Europe - Austria - Vienna

Holly Compton schrieb:
>   The German museums absolutely will not let you use a flash.  The ones I took at the V&A in April turned out much better.

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