[HNW] Pictures from Germany

Kathryn Newell cknewell at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 12 05:34:50 PST 2007


< I used my 20 year old Pentax with 1600 ASA film in the German museums. 
<snip>   The photos came out very well.  Some of them actually allowed me to 
see detail that I couldn't see with my bare eyes.  I didn't find the film 
gave grainy pictures either.>

Back when I was single (and had money)  I used to visit London. I purchased 
a Pentex ME before my first trip in 1980. I bought ASA 1000, which was the 
fastest film at that time. No tripod -- I didn't want to drag it around. I 
would brace myself on a wall, take a deep breath, and try not to move. My 
photos (which I still have) from the 1980's with that high speed film do 
show as grainy. I managed to get some good shots at theV&A, including the 
study room. I also used it in at the Costume Museum in Bath.

My camera broke during my last visit to England (our honeymoon in 1991). I 
never replaced it. It's nice to know that film comes as fast as ASA 1600.

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