[HNW] Pictures from Germany

Wanda Pease wandap at hevanet.com
Mon Nov 12 14:49:28 PST 2007

I wonder if we don't have exactly the same camera.  I bought mine in Germany
just before leaving.  Luckily I happen to have one of the few camera places
in the Northwest which has a repair person who will work on the old film
cameras.  I had a Canon from 1972 (!) that I loved dearly. It was a point,
focus, make sure the little marker was in the I'll take this picture Range
by playing with the ASA buttons.  It decided to die just as I was on an Art
History tour in Dijon!!!!!

Here I was ready to take pictures of the magnificent tombs and such and the
camera seized.  I went to the people you bought your ticket from thinking it
was just that the batteries had died.  Being French, not German, none of
them spoke enough English to understand what I wanted although they were all
very eager to help and very polite.  Finally a nice little man came out of
the back all wrapped up in his winter coat, smiled at me and offered his
arm!  He took me to a camera store not far away and helped me get the right
batteries and then escorted me back to the museum.  The ladies laughed as I
managed my most mangled Merci! and he went back into his office.  The one
with Director (in French) written on it!)

Sadly it wasn't the batteries.  Years later I finally had the courage to
open it up since I couldn't break it and no one in Germany would work on it.
There was a bit of photo paper or something stuck in the "eye".

Last year I heard that there was actually someone who would work on those
cameras and I gathered up my two and went over to see if I needed to pawn my
no longer wearable wedding ring set. However it only cost about $125 to have
both cameras completely reconditioned and fixed so all was well.

The only bad thing about the film cameras I have is that they are Heavy
compared to my 5 megapixal.  However, careful as I try to be about turning
off the flash I still surprise myself.  This is where I need minions (cabana
boys from the Cook's list aren't quite up to lugging unattached equipment)
to carry the film cameras.  I still do the "take a deep breath, let it out,
then take the shot"  It works.

> My camera broke during my last visit to England (our honeymoon in
> 1991). I
> never replaced it. It's nice to know that film comes as fast as ASA 1600.
> --Kathryn
> SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn

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