[HNW] Pictures from Germany (film speed)

ianruadh at zonnet.nl ianruadh at zonnet.nl
Thu Nov 15 11:33:51 PST 2007

    > < I used my 20 year old Pentax with 1600 ASA film in the German museums.
    > <snip>   The photos came out very well.  Some of them actually 
allowed me to
    > see detail that I couldn't see with my bare eyes.  I didn't find the film
    > gave grainy pictures either.>
    > Back when I was single (and had money)  I used to visit London. I 
    > a Pentex ME before my first trip in 1980. I bought ASA 1000, 
which was the
    > fastest film at that time. No tripod -- I didn't want to drag it 
around. I
    > would brace myself on a wall, take a deep breath, and try not to move. My
    > photos (which I still have) from the 1980's with that high speed film do
    > show as grainy. I managed to get some good shots at theV&A, including the
    > study room. I also used it in at the Costume Museum in Bath.
    > My camera broke during my last visit to England (our honeymoon in 
1991). I
    > never replaced it. It's nice to know that film comes as fast as ASA 1600.
    > --Kathryn
    > SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
    > "too many centuries...too little time"
    Dear Kathryn,
    I visted the studyroom of the V&A a number of years ago. For the    
occasion I had obtained a black and white 3200 ASA film for my camera.  
   When I went to the specialized store to obtain it, they hd to go to 
the    refrigirator to get it for me. Working the film was no problem. 
Getting    it developed was. Fortunately the shop where I normally went 
to to have    my films developed and printed still had some black and 
white paper.    The lady who normally worked on my films put some extra 
effort into    developing and printing the film. The photographs came 
out pefectly. I    was abel to use them straght away to draw a counting 
pattern of the    13th century altar cloth which I had seen.
    I assume that things are rather different nowadays with digital camera's.
       Yours sincerely:
       Johan Terlouw

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