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Debloughcostumes at aol.com Debloughcostumes at aol.com
Fri Nov 16 05:04:56 PST 2007

>From another list I'm on...
"OK, not many of you have heard of the Textile Conservation Centre in  
Winchester; but if you're museum staff, or costume historians, or otherwise have  
any serious interest in the preservation of some of the most fragile of our  
historic artefacts, and if you support the training of world-class conservators  
to do more of the same elsewhere, then please go to: 
and sign up!  
Otherwise it will be closed by the 'if it doesn't make a profit it can't be  
important' mentality that has screwed up so many worthwhile things of late.  "
***You have to be a British subject to sign the petition, but if you're not  
you can still contact the "Department of Culture, Media and Sport", which 
should  be 
the relevant Government Department, at the below website.

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