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The New Exemplar Book: Embroidery Patterns date to date

Clear titles are helpful, I think, quoth the bookseller.


At 05:08 PM 10/1/2007, you wrote:
>Dear Fellow Listers:
>I need help!  I'm trying to come up with a title for the new book. This is
>the one where I'm recharting all 145 charted patterns from "Flowers of the
>Needle". *big sigh*
>To refresh your memories, the *translated* titles of the 16th century
>Italian pattern books I'm working from are:
>  " Exemplar of works wherein tender maidens.etc."
>"A New Exemplar, which teaches young ladies..etc.)"
>"The Universals of beautiful embroidery..""
>"A New Work composed by Domenico da Sera.etc")
>""A New Universal Work...etc.")
>"The true perfection of design of various..")
>I'm also smittten with the title of a book we didin't use: "Most Precious
>I was thinking it should be something to do with flowers or gardens, to show
>it's derivation from "Flowers of the Needle", so I'm leaning towards
>something with "Garden" in the title, i.e.
>"A Garden of Delightful Designs, for needlework, etc etc."
>(alternatively, The Garden of Delightful Designs...")
>"The Universal Garden of Needlework Designs...".
>I'm also thinking of:
>"The Artful Needle"
>"A New Exemplar" (gee, how original!)
>"A Universal Crown of Embroidery"
>Any opinions anyone? I need, at least, a working title. I hope to go with a
>real publisher on this on, and s/he will probably not appreciate my 16th
>century leanings, but you never know!
>SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
>"too many centuries..too little time"
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