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Actually they are considered and classified as Stumpwork even though later 
developments became more three dimensional. The items usually shown were 
pressed and padding was removed both by time and by overzealous Victorian 

Please believe me, it's the same needle art. I'm in process of making a 
close copy of the Margaret Layton jacket.

I love the Elizbethan series, but it's rather random, some of the 
artists/designers are more 'flat' than others. One has a 'sweete bag' where 
although the design basis is Elizabethan, the project looks more like 1970's 
design. It was flat, not rounded as it was on the original period models 
used, and some plants were so poorly done as to be unrecognizable or are 
listed as something other than what they actually are.

It takes a fair amount of looking at pictures of period plants to get them 
correct. I used the Fashion in Detail list from the V& A and found that 
several of the plants used in that project in particular were not what the 
designer said they were by looking up pictures of the acutal plant.

I was really hoping they would be as it would have speeded up some of the 
design choices for the Jacket.

But as I said, I really love the series, even if I have to do some extra 
work to make 'period' patterns.

However, I'm still interested. The Oxburgh Tapestries or Hangings were 
called that because of the so-called Tapestry stitch, which is needlepoint 
and pettipoint. Ah how I love Victorian Classifications <Gryn>

Are you making them 3-d? That would be really Amazing!

If you want a different view of them, I recommend the two pieces made into 
treasure boxes by Frances Hughes for the magazine Threadneedle street.

Do you have a copy of The Needlework of Mary, Queen of Scots by Margaret 

Hope all goes well with your project! Please keep us informed.


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> I'm not sure these can be called stumpwork, although it's certainly the 
> precursor to the 17th century needleart called stumpwork.  If I understand 
> the definition correctly, stumpwork is much more 3D.  The items in the 
> Elizabethan series look like others I've seen from the V&A museum from pre 
> 1600 - no separate wired petals, just stuffed raised work. (and very cool)
> Julie
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>> One note of caution however.
>> The Elizabethan series is a lot of fun, but it's Stumpwork. Three 
>> dimensional embroidery.
>> Regards,
>> Marmaeve
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