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Yup, and when you get the high resolution photo (available when you search
the collections at the V&A website -- free, just sign up and agree to the
terms), you can zoom in well enough to see that it's cross stitch.

With some pieces, those high res photos may even be better for study than
going to the museum, since they let you get "closer" than you can in some
display settings.  Wish more places would have them (are you listening
Met, MFA, etc...?)

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  Really, all of my research says that it's not crosstich. Where did you
find the reference and could you send it?

The Oxburgh hangings are most definitely done primarily in cross stitch,
with a smattering of other counted stitches here and there in a few of the
motifs. I examined them (through the glass, unfortunately) the last two
times I was at the V&A, and is clear that they are cross stitch. It's
very, very difficult to see it, however, because the silk thread has
flattened so much over the centuries that the top stitch of the cross
completely hides the bottom stitch. We had to use magnifying glasses to
tell, and then it was clear only in areas that were damaged.

Unfortunately, most embroidery books incorrectly describe the hangings as
being made of tent stitch. Also, many of the V&A's own publications say
this. My apprentice wrote to the V&A after our visit to tell them that
their publications are incorrect, and she got a response from the head of
the textile division who said, we examined the hangings, you're right,
we're going to change things. Don't know if they've gotten around to it
yet, though, that's been 5 years. I know, as of last winter, the post
cards with images of the hangings described them as "tent stitch." Sigh.


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