[HNW] book title- please vote!

Lisa Tyson Lisa_Tyson at umit.maine.edu
Sat Oct 6 17:15:35 PDT 2007

This is my suggestion: 

"Eden's Garden: Embroidery patterns from 1530-1567"

Eden means "delight" in Hebrew. 

(Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garden_of_Eden )

I would avoid the descriptor "new" as that already makes the publication
sound "dated".  I expect to see that used in craft books that are 
40+ years old, but not in current publications. 

The shorter the main title, the easier to remember when shopping 
for it. The subtitle sufficiently describes what the book is all about
(historic patterns!). The short title conjures an image of beautifully
lush plants. 

I did search WorldCat (I have academic library access) and 
found these similar titles (below). Every one of these has a very
limited number of library holdings worldwide.

Eden's Garden: rethinking sin and evil in an era of scientific promise 
by Richard J. Coleman (2007). Sounds like a limited academic audience.
and held by 154 libraries.  

The Garden of Eden: four rags for two pianos (musical score) by 
William Bolcom (2006). Another limited audience. Held by 57 libraries. 

Eden's Garden by Elizabeth Rose (2000). Fiction. Held by 22 libraries. 

Stories from Eden's Garden by Kenneth Cope (1998) (sound recording). 
Held by 4 libraries. 

The Garden of Edens by Judy Brown (1939). Juvenile Fiction. Held
by 1 library. 

Amazon also lists a new publication by an author named Hill with
Eden's Garden as a title. 

The "Eden's Garden" publications are all so specific for their
target audience that I think you could use it, or a variation of it
for an embroidery publication and have it be "unique" for
your target audience.

Lisa Tyson
(Lady Bryn Millar) 


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