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Perhaps making it available through the net to be printed out by the person that buys it.  Would cut your cost a lot.


Kathryn Newell <cknewell at earthlink.net> wrote: Dear Listers:

After much consideration, and with the advice of some of you, off list, I 
have made a decision.

I am going to make a limited run available of "Flowers of the Needle". Mind, 
you, this will be a "No Frills" edition. Simple photocoping, and I will 
provide card stock front cover and back -- but no binding. This way, you can 
3-hole punch it or have it spiral bound. This will keep costs down.

This Limited Edition is also an Amended Edition. I will be eliminating 15 
pages from the original 195. Included in the elemination are:

1. translations done by Mistress Elspeth of Morven (a.k.Dr. Elizabeth Cain). 
The translations are her intellectual property, copyrighted to her.
2. The intro, also by Elspeth
3. All pages of original text and the poem (which is repeated). I wish I 
could say that the text was more useful -- it simply did not provide the 
information Elspeth and I had hoped for. She didn't translate the Italian 
phrases of various forms of needlework, like "punto en crochetto."

The poem was a paen to the virtues of Roman woman like the fabled Lucrece, 
who was discovered teaching needlework to her daughters. In fact, most of 
the prose is gushingly forsoothly.

The current estimate, given me by Staples,  for 180 pp back to back is 
roughly $15.00. I'm going to see if I can find some other options, because I 
hate to charge that much.  The photocopying will produce a reasonable 
product--but it won't be as gorgeous as something more professionally 
produced. I include this as  warning, so no one is disappointed.

I doubt this will all happen before New Years's. I will be borrowing some 
equipment to help rescue the data on that Iomega Zip Disk. Not "only" does 
this disk contain my *only* electronic copy of the 1597 Sibmacher, it also 
holds something special. I scanned and cleaned up the first 25 pp of 
"Flowers of the Needle" in 1998. This was "Before House". In 1999 the 1597 
Sibmacher suddenly happened and I got distracted. I never took notes on 
exactly what I used to clean up these pages, worst luck. The originals are 
also 8 years older -- which doesn't help the situation.

I'm not having much luck scanning the original paste up dummy of "Flowers". 
On some pages the ink is literally fading from the original (library) 
photocopy, which was heavy on gray tone. Photocopying may be the only 
feasible way to originate a new dummy for copying. I'm still experimenting.

Lady X ( you know who you are!) has been enthusastically trying to convince 
me (off list) to reissue this book as a proper publication. While I am 
thrilled by her enthusiasm for the project, I just can't handle it at this 
point of my life. She has made a good point, however. It is a very wise idea 
to somehow transfer my original into an electronic medium of some sort for 
future storage. When I meet with a friend over New Year's (with many yeasr 
experience in graphics) I'm hoping to find some way to achieve this. 
Meanwhile, Lady X, thank you so much for your offers of help and advice!!

When this Limited Edition of "Flowers of the Needle" is ready to print, I'll 
make up a set of 20 cc, then announce it here. There may be a Feeding Frenzy 
at first, but I don't anticipate that lasting long. I will most likely make 
it available for a year or two, then retire it for a while. I do have two 
other books I'm working on! Perhaps w hen the othere two books are done I 
can revisit the idea of getting "Flowers" stored electronically. I have also 
contemplated handing it on to Someone Else, who can then clean it up and 
publish. it.

Meanwhile, thanks so much for all the enthusiasm and support that floats 
around this list. You guys are awesome!

SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries...too little time"

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