[HNW] HNW Flowers of the needle

Tue Oct 9 14:18:04 PDT 2007

Ah, to be quite clear, my qualm wasn't a question of theft at all, merely a
quiet concern if they would be too quickly confused, to which no one else
objects so I will quell my qualm without feeling the least querulous about it.

- Carol Hanson/Caryl de Trecesson
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> Caryl and List:
> < The only qualm I have about this is that it sounds awfully like "A New 
> Carolingian Modelbook"?>
> Only that they both have "New" in the title. The original Italian pattern 
> books have a lot of titles starting with "New", including the ever popular 
> "Opera Nuovo" (New Work)!!  I actually don't think that "The New Exemplar" 
> and "The New Carolingia..." sound that close. YMMV.

I've got no objections.  :)

As Kathryn points out, there are lots of historical pattern books with 
titles that contain "new".  In some cases among the historical 
needlework books it's especially amusing to see that label on works that 
contain a large proportion of recycled material - either from the 
publisher's own earlier works, printed from blocks obtained in trade, or 
flat out duplicated from some other printer's products.

In this case, "new" is a perfectly justified and appropriate 
appellation.  Right up there with "long awaited" and "celebrated."

Go for it, Kathryn!

Ianthé (New Carolingian Modelbook)
mka Kim Salazar
kbsalazar at comcast.net

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