[HNW] scanning "Flowers of the Needle"

Kathryn Newell cknewell at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 9 14:20:41 PDT 2007

Dear Caryl:

< But I can't promise how long it would take to scan and upload. At least a 

For 195 pp,  yeah, even if "all" you are doing is scanning it, with no 
cleanup or modification.

I've been spending some time today, trying to figure out if the old paste up 
dummy (complete with "invisible" tape) has any use at all. Not much. I get a 
better result scanning or photocopying a page from my personal copy of FOTN.

I'm using 2 different scanning software packages -- one came with the Mustek 
1200 scanner. I'm trying to use a Paint program that came with Windows XP. 
The only problem (and its a big one) is I can't zoom *out* to check and see 
how the page is looking. PITA.

I played around with erasing dark problems, and darkening in some problem 
areas. Works great and produces a pretty reasonable product on printing out. 
Now if only it didn't take so dratted long... I'm also curious to see what 
specs I saved those 25 pp of FOTN that I scanned and cleaned up in 1999. 
That will have to wait 2 weeks until I get the use of a working Iomega zip 

Is there a *simple*  paint program out that that costs maybe only $50.00? 
Does anyone else have a recommendation? We are *not* going to buy a new 
scanner, nor are we going to invest in a laser printer. Much as I think I'd 
like a laser printer, Consumer Reports says it's the most feasible for the 
sort of home use most people have. Not that I'm "most people" <BG> However--  
I like the deskjet option of color or b&w. We uses b&w more than color, but 
I don't want 2 printers --one for everyday text, and the other for 
needlework or art scans.

I'm off to play at Staples tomorrow, to see how to generate a printer's 
dummy for this limited run of FOTN. I'm also going to check out some local 
print shops to ask about the 1597 Sibmacher. (remember that?) Once I get 
estimates on how much $$ all this will cost, it will probably make my jaw 

SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries...too little time"

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