[HNW] scanning "Flowers of the Needle"

Lavolta Press fran at lavoltapress.com
Tue Oct 9 17:35:29 PDT 2007

I'm a big fan of the Corel PhotoPaint/Draw suite, which I prefer to the 
comparable Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator suite.  I've used both, and I 
prefer the Corel interface.

I've got the works:  fast processor with tons of memory and disk space; 
special oversized graphics monitor, calibrated; oversized flatbed 
commercial scanner; b/w laser printer that is especially good at 
printing both line art and halftones, with large paper capacity (so far 
we get the color proofs done by a service); plug-in hard disk for 
backups; the Corel suite; Adobe InDesign and Distiller; Dreamweaver, 
Windows Office; and a lot of miscellaneous s/w.

That's in addition to my husband's laptop, his fax machine, etc.

We're both geeks who love equipment!

Lavolta Press

Kaitlan Roisendubh wrote:
> I know I use paintshop pro 7 for all my graphic needs.. works wonderful...
> Kaitlan
> */Kathryn Newell <cknewell at earthlink.net>/* wrote:
>     Dear Caryl:
>     < But I can't promise how long it would take to scan and upload. At
>     least a
>     week.>
>     For 195 pp, yeah, even if "all" you are doing is scanning it, with no
>     cleanup or modification.
>     I've been spending some time today, trying to figure out if the old
>     paste up
>     dummy (complete with "invisible" tape) has any use at all. Not much.
>     I get a
>     better result scanning or photocopying a page from my personal copy
>     of FOTN.
>     I'm using 2 different scanning software packages -- one came with
>     the Mustek
>     1200 scanner. I'm trying to use a Paint program that came with
>     Windows XP.
>     The only problem (and its a big one) is I can't zoom *out* to check
>     and see
>     how the page is looking. PITA.
>     I played around with erasing dark problems, and darkening in some
>     problem
>     areas. Works great and produces a pretty reasonable product on
>     printing out.
>     Now if only it didn't take so dratted long... I'm also curious to
>     see what
>     specs I saved those 25 pp of FOTN that I scanned and cleaned up in
>     1999.
>     That will have to wait 2 weeks until I get the use of a working
>     Iomega zip
>     drive.
>     Is there a *simple* paint program out that that costs maybe only
>     $50.00?
>     Does anyone else have a recommendation? We are *not* going to buy a new
>     scanner, nor are we going to invest in a laser printer. Much as I
>     think I'd
>     like a laser printer, Consumer Reports says it's the most feasible
>     for the
>     sort of home use most people have. Not that I'm "most people" However--
>     I like the deskjet option of color or b&w. We uses b&w more than
>     color, but
>     I don't want 2 printers --one for everyday text, and the other for
>     needlework or art scans.
>     I'm off to play at Staples tomorrow, to see how to generate a printer's
>     dummy for this limited run of FOTN. I'm also going to check out some
>     local
>     print shops to ask about the 1597 Sibmacher. (remember that?) Once I
>     get
>     estimates on how much $$ all this will cost, it will probably make
>     my jaw
>     drop.
>     --Kathryn
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