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He still might get you a quote... never know... good luck


Kathryn Newell <cknewell at earthlink.net> wrote: Dear List:

Last week I took some time to dither with some logistics.

1. "Flowers of the Needle"-- I took my personal copy of "Flowers", and the 
original paste up dummy, to Staples. I photocopied and compared notes. I was 
very surprised. For some pages the original paste up dummy worked best. For 
other  pages, my personal copy worked best. Creating a new printer's dummy 
for this No Frills limited edition is going to be a painstaking process and 
take me a while. Maybe if I do 25 pp at a time....

I am trying to convince a former fellow "Antique" Carolingian (she knows who 
she is!) that she should take over this project. I haven't heard back from 
her (yet) either way. Hope she got my email.....

Meanwhile, I ran down a Minute Man Press, here in town. It wasn't easy - he 
had moved to an old warehouse which looked abandoned. I found he beat the 
Staples estimate, so the copies will cost less. He also gave me some helpful 
advice re printing and other issues re electronic images.

2. 1597 Sibmacher. I already had a spare copy of my book in my bag, so I 
showed it to Mr. Minute Man Press. He said he could do it! He explained some 
things, then tried to convince me to print up 1,000 cc rather than 500 cc, 
becuase he said it would be cheaper. When I explained that my only 
electronic copy of the book was prisoner on an Iomega zip disk, he said he 
could rescue it, if he got the bid.  Well! Made my day!  He was *going* to 
get back to me with an estimate. He never did. I emailed him -- nothing. 
  Thankfully, I found the other local printer. I hope to be 
visiting them later this week.

So, that's all the news. Given the $$ situation here (major house repairs) 
some things may have to wait. I sure wish Mr. Minute Man Press had given me 
a quote. It would have given me some "ammunition" for when I get 2 other 

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