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Tue Oct 16 14:54:29 PDT 2007

Just wanted to let you know two things...

Part One (of four parts) of Sharon's newest project Stumpwork Mirror Surround 
appears in Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly - Vol 48, Fall 2007

This week there are 9 Ebay auctions for ORIGINAL needleworks stitched by 
Sharon Cohen of Nostalgic Needle.  These are the original designer models (one of 
a kind) that were stitched and photographed for the needlework patterns of the 
same names.

This week Sharon has the following 9 items up for auction:

- 2 framed samplers: 
       Golden Acorn (ebay Item number: 250176755747) 
       Random Motif (ebay Item number: 250176750557) 

- 3 separate auctions for the pieces in Her Majesty's Costume Collection 
       Her Majesty's Glove Scissor Case (Ebay item number: 250176777015)  
       Her Majesty's Coif Needlebook (Ebay Item 250176771367) 
       Her Majesty's Night Cap Pincushion (Ebay Item number: 250176767782) 

- Portrait of Elizabeth R (Ebay item number: 250176760980)

- 3 separate auctions for the pieces of the Sampler Posy Collection Perfect 
for a pincushion, ornament, or gift these pieces have opening bid price of ONLY 
       Rose Sampler Posy stitched by Sharon Cohen (item #: 250176751281)
       Honeysuckle Sampler Posy stitched by Sharon Cohen (#: 250176752192)
       Carnation Sampler Posy stitched by Sharon Cohen ( #: 250176752722) 

Thanks! Ola 

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