[HNW] embroidery articles by John Nevinson

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If you're talking about the periodical published in London as opposed to New York, the Library of Congress has a fairly complete set (if I'm reading the catalog right, from 1901 on).  If you're close enough to DC you could probably look at it in the Reading Room.  I've done that for other articles, so unless they can't find the right volume you should be able to get access.

I did a search of the on-line catalog at www.loc.gov, title search Country Life.  Some of the information there might be of assistance to your reference librarian if you're not close enough to get to the library.  LC control number 54029972, Call number S3.C9, I don't know what else might be helpful.

LOC geek who needs to go back for more research

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>I have had no luck finding one of these articles and have even gone back to
>the Costume Society's journal to double check the entry.  Here is what it
>'Stitched for Bess of Hardwick, Embroideries at Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire',
>in Country Life, CLIV (1973), pp. 1756-61, 12 illus. 
>My question to the list - has anyone been successful in finding this?  I am
>using a very competent research librarian and she says it comes back "needs
>more information". She has tried more than once and still gets the same
>Help, please!!
>Barbara Jackson
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