[HNW] Modelejon Manligt Mode (Lions of Fashion)

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    Do you have this book? "Rangstrom, L." "LIONS OF FASHION / MODELEJON
MANLIGT MODE", "Royal Armoury, 400pp, 2002", "Male fashion of the 16th, 17th
& 18th centuries. Superbly illustrated, large format volume, suits, shoes,
headwear, stockings etc. 100's of colour photographs, dual English / Swedish
text. : New hardback copies, corners of boards dented." (Book ref. 8104) £

      I just saw it at a teaching lecture/symposium I attended in Eugene,
Oregon by Tammy Dupuis (Renaissance Tailor).  Since it is basically in
Swedish with a translation into English at the Back I assume you do, but if
not, and for the rest of us...  Well it was very hard not to point to the
ceiling, yell "look, the Winged Victory of Samothrace" and grab the book
while others were wondering what in the world I was pointing at (It's a well
worn joke in this area.)

      I now have it on order because "we wants it, we Does!"


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  I made the muff wich i had embroidered. Now its done with initials two:

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