[HNW] Linen then

Laren laren at webcon.net.au
Sun Mar 2 16:47:51 PST 2008

At 10:58 AM 3/03/2008, you wrote:
>I'm quite happy to go with linen.
>by Paula Kelly illustrates the kind of thing I want to do, in colour.
>(No blackwork, but with stumpwork and goldwork)
>Linen was commonly of 40 count then. What sort of linen should I specify
>to buy, and where is a good place to buy it from?
>(Australians/Lochac'ians feel free to contribute!). I'll be buying from


For goldwork and stumpwork I would go for a high quality tight weave 
tabby weave (ie NOT counted weave) linen. Like the stuff you get at 
Spotlight etc.


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