[HNW] Linen then, and it's not meant to be a coif

Frank A Thallas Jr fathallas at collinscom.net
Sun Mar 2 22:36:25 PST 2008

  That's what I thought you were doing - kind of a "sampler down the ages"
thing! <G>
I think blackwork was mentioned as examples of even/non-evenweave linen, and
because I relate EVERYTHING to blackwork...<G>
   But now I'm curious - are you going to actually (since it's going to hang
on the wall) make this up as a cushion or sweetbag?  Or just the
embroidery-design style?  

Woolgathering instead of motif-gathering

THL Liadain ni Mhordha OFO
wildernesse, the Outlands 

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Hello everyone :-)

OK, maybe one day I'll grow a brain, and be able to express myself more 

 In the post "Linen Then" I included a link to a polychrome coif. I was 
trying to express that I wanted polychrome embroidery employing a 
variety of stitches, surrounded by vinework. A couple of return posts 
mentioned blackwork, so I thought that I'd clarify that.

 BUT I failed to say "this picture is a of coif but I mean to do 
something that is like a large sweetbag or a long cushion (not that they 
had stumpwork on them, I don't think)  - and I'll display it as a wall 
hanging. It's not really meant to be a historical item of any particular 
type, which is why I called it a "kind of sampler". It's something for 
me to try out all sorts of stitches and methods, and to learn from the 
process. To have fun, and produce something pretty while I'm at it.

I will be mixing 16th with just a little 17thC (stumpwork, because I 
love it) and a little 18thC (I'd like to try some 'tambour' by 
crocheting - there's a particular rose in "18th C embroidery techniques" 
that I love. I'm interested in the 18th C organza flowers as well, 
although they might not fit into the earlier style - the style will be 
almost entirely Elizabethan.  (I'm not actually SCA, so I feel free to 
mix it up a bit, within the constraints of producing a pleasing design)

And to save another issue -  I'd love to use silk - but I have 4 large 
boxes of DMC thread that I've managed to accumulate though gifts and a 
couple of lucky auction buys. I'm on a disability pension and really 
really can't justify buying silk when I have the DMC sitting there, as 
much as I'd love to. I know Eterna is inexpensive - but I have a sitting 
frame to buy, and goldwork materials, some pearls,  I'd like to get a 
spool of the Gylte Silk Thread from the Plymouth Plantation, the linen, 
and some canvas for slipwork....Buying another stack of thread on top of 
all of that just seems ..... wrong to me, when I have so many other 
things that I need. My apologies for this bit being a bit personal.

I'm sorry that I've confused people.


Megan/Elmsley Rose

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