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Frank A Thallas Jr fathallas at collinscom.net
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  Loooking forward to seeing  this  - hope you share design, etc, as you go
along too!
You might want to put a back on it (and maybe even "quilt" the two layers
together) just for added strength as well - Sounds like some bits of the
work might be heavier (stumpwork, metalwork, etc) than others, and a backing
will help against "sag"...

Should be doing Monday housework, but.........  ;-)

THL Liadain ni Mhordha OFO
wildernesse, the Outlands 

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Evenweave, not to evenweave - that's the problem. I don't know what to 
use. I'm only a baby broderer and I wouldn't know the difference except 
what is implied by the names, or know which is used for what.

Lauren suggested "

For goldwork and stumpwork I would go for a high quality tight weave 
tabby weave (ie NOT counted weave) linen. Like the stuff you get at 
Spotlight etc."

so I'll go with that.

I'll make it up as a wallhanging. It needs to be displayed somewhere where
it isn't going to get damaged. I could put a back on it
and some tassels, and call it a really big sweetbag, but I might just put a
cable to hang it from, and am bound to pop on a 
couple of tassels anyway, just because i like them. It will be a 'thing'
unlike any 'thing' you saw before. Not functional at all,
except in giving me experience in the methods.

I know the Layton jacket well :-) It's the one being reproduced by the
Plimouth Plantation at the Embroiderer's Story. V&A has
some lovely closeups of it as well



Megan/Elmsley Rose

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