[HNW] Linen then, and it's not meant to be a coif

Michelle Santy micsanty at phelps.k12.wi.us
Tue Mar 4 06:08:44 PST 2008

Historic Needlework <h-needlework at lists.ansteorra.org> writes:
>Hello everyone :-)
> BUT I failed to say "this picture is a of coif but I mean to do 
>something that is like a large sweetbag or a long cushion (not that they 
>had stumpwork on them, I don't think)  - and I'll display it as a wall 
>hanging. It's not really meant to be a historical item of any particular 
>type, which is why I called it a "kind of sampler". It's something for 
>me to try out all sorts of stitches and methods, and to learn from the 
>process. To have fun, and produce something pretty while I'm at it.

sounds like fun.  My 2 cents is that, you are correct in that long cushions
were not embroidered in stumpwork, all the ones I have seen (V&A & other 
places) were done in a tent or canvas stitch, similiar to Mary, Q. of
Scots' slips.   
>I will be mixing 16th with just a little 17thC (stumpwork, because I 
>love it) and a little 18thC (I'd like to try some 'tambour' by 
>crocheting - there's a particular rose in "18th C embroidery techniques" 
>that I love. I'm interested in the 18th C organza flowers as well, 
>although they might not fit into the earlier style - the style will be 
>almost entirely Elizabethan.  (I'm not actually SCA, so I feel free to 
>mix it up a bit, within the constraints of producing a pleasing design)
Sounds really cool.  
>And to save another issue -  I'd love to use silk - but I have 4 large 
>boxes of DMC thread that I've managed to accumulate though gifts and a 
>couple of lucky auction buys. I'm on a disability pension and really 
>really can't justify buying silk when I have the DMC sitting there, as 
>much as I'd love to. I know Eterna is inexpensive - but I have a sitting 
>frame to buy, and goldwork materials, some pearls,  I'd like to get a 
>spool of the Gylte Silk Thread from the Plymouth Plantation, the linen, 
>and some canvas for slipwork....Buying another stack of thread on top of 
>all of that just seems ..... wrong to me, when I have so many other 
>things that I need. My apologies for this bit being a bit personal.

Problem with silk:  pinpricks/holes from needles, in general not enough
 strength to support stumpwork and goldwork.

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