[HNW] linen, then

Velvet Claw a_velvet_claw at yahoo.com.au
Tue Mar 4 16:36:28 PST 2008

Lauren suggested that I used tight weave tabby weave linen, so I thought 
that I'd go with that - go with the most forgiving material since I'll 
be on a learning curve. And these two mails (from Amytis and Sabina) 
back up this decision because the piece will be heavily embroidered and 
therefore support problems could be a reality if I used silk.

Thankyou for the references, Sabina.

I'll raise you





I hope the formatting works ok on these links - they are pasted from a 
heavily formatted word document. Only the Meridies-MEG message is 
actually helpful. The first link is a picture that I love (a stumpwork 
dragon) and the third an article trying to sort out the usage of 
'stumpwork, raised work, embossed work, embroidery on the stamp"


Megan/Elmsley Rose

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