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Catherine Olanich Raymond cathy at thyrsus.com
Mon Mar 10 19:50:51 PDT 2008

On Monday 10 March 2008, Velvet Claw wrote:
> To combine 3 responses -
> Cathy - I live in Australia, so would have to pay shipping (either $10
> or $12.99, depending new or Marketplace) and I'm on a Disability Pension
> of 14K p.a.. I got Amazon vouchers for my birthday so that I could buy
> books but they are all ordered and didn't include Staniland.

Fair enough.  I don't know what your local public libraries are like.  Around 
here, I wouldn't be surprised to find that particular book on their regular 
circulation list, but I have no idea how well stocked Australian libraries 
might be.  

If you decide you are interested in the Staniland book and can spare a bit of 
cash for it sometime, you may want to look on bookfinder.com or addall.com.  
Both include booksellers from all over the world and you might get lucky and 
turn up a cheap copy in Australia!  Good luck!

> Unfortunately, I can't justify buying anymore books for awhile. It's
> going to take me months to get the supplies together because of
> financial issues *grin* . Such is the reality of life - and thank the
> gods for interlibrary loan!

I'm not sure that I think the Staniland book is worth looking for on ILL--it 
doesn't really have all that much information in it relative to the hassle.  
However, I'm not as interested in embroidery as I am in other costume-related 
subjects, so I'm not a good person to hit for recommendations on useful books 
to ILL about embroidery. 

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