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> The value of the book really depends on if that is your focus.  Not
> everyone wants to know the whys and wherefores and how did we get to
> this point.
Certainly true. It depends on how deep one is willing to go into the 
research. For anyone who is serious about historical embroidery, Stanliand is quite 

There aren't that many books I know of that focus exclusively on late period 
embroidery. Even Schuette is fairly lacking in that department, compared to 
the amount of pre-1500 pieces in her book. Digby's Elizabethan Embroidery, 
Christie's Samplers and Stitches, Arnold's Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlok'd, 
Levey's Elizabethan Treasures and the new Hardwick Hall embroideries, and Apropos 
Patterns come to mind. Levey's Lace: A History has a wealth of information 
about lacemaking in later periods, but of course there's all that pesky history 
stuff to contend with. :) 


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