[HNW] Staniland book - searching through Worldcat

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Wed Mar 12 03:46:48 PDT 2008

Since the patron lives in Australia, she should start with her local
library and talk to a librarian or staff member there as regards 
interlibrary loan and borrowing
the book from another institution within the country.

Internal interlibrary loan rules vary from country to country.
(I know that while the University refused to loan in a book while
I was in the UK, the local public library was happy to do so.
I think the university just thought I should travel and see the book while
the local public library thought "we can borrow that, no problem.")

Much as I hate to admit it, ILLoan rules also vary from state to state 
within this country,
depending upon costs and agreements within systems and states.
Some libraries refuse to do interlibrary loan or they refuse to ask
for entire categories of materials. Others will process any request.
(Part of this is liability on the costs of materials being borrowed.
Someone has to pay if a book is lost in transit.)
The book is in print. It can be verified using FirstSearch or Global 
Books in Print
or even through Amazon. That's not the problem.
It's the question of rules within Australia and what they will borrow 
for patrons within that country.

Johnna Holloway, MSLIS

Lisa Tyson wrote:
> As many of us who do research using library resources, the subscription based service called WorldCat is used by libraries to aid them in finding books through Interlibrary Loan. There is a free Beta version of this database at http://worldcat.org
> It may not be as complete a database as the library subscription service
> but it would certainly be of use when you are trying to figure out
> the full citation you need to request a book through ILL. 
> Kay Staniland's Embroiders book is one title that is owned by 
> many academic and larger public libraries, so the chance of
> finding a copy to borrow is pretty good. In Velvet Claw's case there is 
> one copy available at [ fcp://@fc.umit.maine.edu,%235000473/wcpa/oclc/24399997?page=frame&url=http%3A%2F%2Flibrary.uq.edu.au%2Fsearch%7ES7%2Fi0714120510&title=UQ+Library&linktype=opac&detail=YQU%3AUQ+Library%3AAcademic ]UQ Library Brisbane, QLD 4072
> Australia
> (and this library is 9,700 miles away from my location.. Geez, there's

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