[HNW] In defense of Staniland

Catherine Kinsey ckinsey at kumc.edu
Wed Mar 12 06:03:10 PDT 2008

I'm another fan of Staniland's book, and jealously guard my copy even
though a lot of my current focus is on 16th, 17th century.
Another resource for photos and descriptions from this period, if not
necessarily techniques, are auction house catalogs.  The older ones tend
to have larger pictures but all are drool worthy.
Staniland *does* have a useful bibliography, though.
For *photos* of later-period embroidery, the V&A textiles book is a
The Victoria & Albert Museum's Textile Collection: Embroidery in
from 1200 to 1750  by Donald King and Santina Levey
# ISBN-10: 1558596526
# ISBN-13: 978-1558596528
They have other books on Elizabethan embroidery and such but since I do

13th c. England I can't speak to their usefulness.
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